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Jewel, Singer-Songwriter, Author, Mindfulness Expert

Jewel is a singer-songwriter, actress, author, mother and mindfulness expert who is passionate about health, equality, the relentless pursuit of wisdom and sharing it with others. 

Through her career, she has earned four Grammy Award nominations and sold over 30 million albums. Heralded by the New York Times as “one of the best singer songwriters since Joni Mitchell,” Jewel credits her great mentors Bob Dylan, and Neil Young who took the time to groom and encourage her as a young artist. She was recently chosen to finish Johnny Cash's half written songs for a forthcoming posthumous CD created by Cash’s son, John Carter Cash.

Jewel's unique story began on an Alaskan homestead- with no electricity- where her family survived off the land. Her New York Times best-selling memoir Never Broken chronicles how she used hard work, grit and grace to survive and thrive under extreme circumstances. Her families’ story is now documented in the successful Discovery Channel TV show, "Alaska, The Last Frontier."

Jewel's mom left at age eight. Her father, who suffered from PTSD, was left to raise her and two brothers. Jewel sang with him from bar to bar until his drinking and abuse became too much. Jewel left home at fifteen and lived on her own. Jewel credits meditation, and mindfulness practices she began to invent, along with her pursuit of wisdom for saving her life. These adverse times and profound insights were the inspiration for the lyrics and poems that would later make her famous, and the guiding principles for everything she has done since.

Becoming homeless for a year at eighteen, Jewel coped by journaling and writing songs that told the truth about her inner journey, with lyrics that were considered artful and wise beyond her years. One of Jewel's earlier hits, "Hands," spoke of her personal discovery of "mindfulness"… a good 20 years before the term would become popular in social vernacular. Her lyrics calmed a generation of listeners with the phrase, "If I could tell the world just one thing, it would be that we're all ok.” And "worry is wasteful in times like these."

At age nineteen, Jewel found herself in a bidding war between record companies wanting to sign her. To avoid losing her new found happiness Jewel held closely to her passion for writing, mindfulness and living a humble life, now in Nashville and Telluride.

With the birth of her son, Jewel's passion for human development and education took on new heights, as she researched and continued to practice everything and anything that could help her be a better person, parent and educator for her son Kase. This fueled Jewel's lifelong passion for personal growth and inspired her WHOLE HUMAN platform, as well as two children's books and another New York Times best selling book of poetry.

Jewel's "WHOLE HUMAN" philosophy is designed to help people gain tone and strength in all areas of their lives including emotional intelligence, physical and fiscal health, interpersonal relationships, nutrition and, most importantly, as friends, associates and contributors to society. She has authentically become one the most notable spokespersons and advocates for the modern day wellness and mindfulness movement.

Jewel recently founded Jewel Inc., which is creating human development, education and mindfulness tools for individuals by collaborating with school districts, corporations and consumers, in hopes of helping more people to become WHOLE HUMANS. To this end she is partnering with one of the worlds most innovative companies and entrepreneurs to help deliver happiness into people's every day lives, at work and at home. She is also partnering with parenting and education experts to create curriculum for public schools, as well as cutting edge youth development programs. The content emphasizes mindfulness and emotional intelligence to give every-day-people a "psychology for life," so they can do what she has done - be the architects of their own life, rather than a passenger in a life they’ve inherited.

Through Jewel's Never Broken Foundation and program, she has partnered with the Inspiring Children Foundation to make mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools available to the masses for free. Through and her showcase program in Las Vegas, she shares the mindfulness tools she developed to convert her pain into resilience. For this foray, she teamed up with Dr. Judson Brewer of Yale University and University of Massachusetts, and other leading medical doctors, to offer this information to the public in a free interactive website.

Through the water charity Jewel started over twenty years ago "Project clean water," she has built and supported the construction of wells all over the world.

As an actress Jewel ventured into the acting world with her first role coming in Ang Lee's civil war drama Ride With The Devil. She then starred in the lead role of June Carter Cash in the Lifetime original movie Ring of Fire. In early 2017, Jewel became a Producer and assumed the lead role of Shannon Hughes as an "intuitive contractor" on “The Fixer Upper Series” movies (based on the best-selling series of books of the same name) for Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. She is also an Executive Producer with Russell Simmons, and plays a significant role, in the new Documentary "Lost in America," by Rotimi Rainwater on youth homelessness.

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